Finding Your Still

Feb 23, 2023

Welcome to another Still in the Storm post!

This week we are taking a slight detour from virology. Don’t worry, I have plenty to talk about in the realm of viruses and will get back to it soon.

For now I wanted to share with you why I started Still in the Storm. In case you aren’t aware, for the past three years we have had an epic storm raging around us all. It has spared virtually no one.

It is critical that we find our still if we are going to try and calm the storm to navigate through it. Likely, your still won’t be exactly the same as mine, but my goal was to hit on what I felt were several key themes of what it could look like.

My still is all about faith as well as nutrition and truth. I explore this and explain why in the video.

As well, I discuss how to keep going when you feel weak and how we can push through the frustration to ensure that we don’t get swept up in the storm, but remain levelheaded.

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Until next time, I truly hope you find your still in this storm that is raging all around us. And, of course, don’t stop questioning the science! It is never settled.

Thank you and God Bless.

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