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Just signed on to financially support you Mike. Praying God continues to help you speak the truth and sustains you in the storm. Looking forward to more of your past experience insights.

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Thanks Mike.

Will you share any examples of where work in a lab has provided any actual results that either worsened or improved something physically in a human or animal?

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Thanks for the video.

I have a few questions/comments.

What is circular DNA?

You say in the beginning that science always changes and is never settled. Most people speak like the double helix structure of DNA is settled. I think I read somewhere there was a triple helix model long ago, and I'm sure some scientists have other ideas of the structure of DNA and what really happens inside the nucleus. The circular DNA is not visible under a microscope, so the word circular probably is not related to its shape. Why not an icositetragonic DNA? What's wrong with polygons of 24 sides, almost a circle? They never get any air-time! That's unfair!

Next, I am not against the idea of synthetic drugs and I think it is a good idea to used the minimally effective dose and try to place the real drug (not a pro-drug) right there where it is meant to be, thus (hopefully) reducing the side effects everywhere else. This means that oral route is a bad idea. And aerosols, and intravenous injections.

Anything that goes through the blood goes everywhere, defeating the purpose of delivering very small quantities of drugs in one place. Unless the drug knows where to go and stick only there.

So this line of thinking leads me to the idea of nanotechnology, one aspect of which is said to be having small particles delivering drugs. This sounds like a pipe dream.

Why not having small robots in the blood stream that will synthesize the drug they are programmed to create only when they get to the place they are meant to be? It's easy to imagine very difficult things.

I'm worried that they need to destroy ALL immune response (or detox response) in order to make room for the nanobots. CRAZY STUFF! And it is so immoral to assault people like that, or to lie to them into believing that they are not being forced into an experiment.

But why don't they come out and say simply that these synthetic viruses are the robots that are meant to go finding things around the body?

A more concrete question: Has anyone seen really that theoretical virome buried in our genome manifesting itself as individual viruses and fighting invading bacteria or helping to repair tissue, or regulating hormones though messages or doing any other thing they want to reproduce as a synthetic nanomachine?

I think we are skipping too many steps. Why not engineer parasites first? Make synthetic parasites and use them to roam the living body gathering information about what really happens, before running like crazy to make smaller things that may not even be possible?

It seems that the entrepreneurs and the PR people have taken over science and engineering. That's why they say so many impossible things, abusing all metaphors and crating slogans that mislead the public, and the investors.

I'm rambling. Sorry.

Your point of all this research being made only in a lab is very important. They are scaring people for political gain. It's clear to me that they need to destroy medicine. All medicine, not only the official allopathic medicine. Science advanced more rapidly in the past, when it was more private and there were no patents and other limitations. They don't want to end the corrupt and contradictory system, but they need progress or they will lose hegemony, so they have decided to "nationalize" everything and transform the Western countries in Concentration camps for Laboratory experimentation. This strategy is self-refuting: there can be no progress if people are dead. So they will lose everything eventually, I think.

I like that phrase that Mike Stone brings about often, from a researcher of the past: "If germ theory was true, there would be no one alive" I think something similar could be said from the issue at hand: if they had the technology the say the have, we would have noticed by now.

Circling back to the circular DNA vector,

Attacking fear with questions seems the way to go. I try to stimulate healthy skepticism on a few substacks comment sections. Some people seem to be very afraid. God created skepticism so that we could laugh at our ambition and our fear.

I respect biologists even if they are wrong about viruses and disease. They have the patience I never had to go into deep study of science, to learn discover even more about the creation (I know most don't like that notion, but I don't care about pagans feelz that much.)

I would like for scientists, and for everyone else, to stop collaborating with the goddamned ecofascists everywhere. So far, they feel good being useful idiots. It's a very sad state of affairs: the best of humans being subservient to the worst of humans. And they think they won't get thrown under the bus. So naive!

I want to learn more. Keep the videos coming, please!

God bless

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So adenoviral vector vaccines are VLPs injections?

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Could you please make a transcript for the vedeoid, for those who don't speak EnglishThank you, I'd be interested in what you have to say.

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I wrote a bit about VLPs here. It's when I stopped the annual visits. - https://leemuller.substack.com/p/first-comes-gardasil-then-comes-covid

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Gain of (dys)function, more like it! Hhahaha.

CHEERs, thank you so much, and keep talking! ;)

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Rumble video setup works fine, not a single stop. Odysee and Substack not so much.

Thanks, Mike. It's a non-stop assault by "gain of function" stories pushed by the virus pushing celebrities and the activists/readers... who believe them, most of them well meaning people who are being manipulated. We need people who actually know what's going on, have the credentials of working directly on these matters, to speak out, it's great you're doing so.

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You are awesome Mike. I appreciate the unique perspective that you are able to share because of your background.

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