Well said. The virology pseudoscience is now mutating to get us all masked, jabbed, and locked up for moneypox.

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Jun 8, 2022Liked by Mike Donio, MS

Well written - this was a good reminder when you mentioned “… only in organisms suffering from the disease, as described by a specific set of symptoms, but not in healthy organisms.” as I tend to forget “but not in healthy”.

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I'm just a simple city guy... A tradesman...but even I knew enough to question the validity of the narrative the world has been told for over 2 yrs now. I felt that the ones tasked with determining what was going on, and what we we're dealing with, all worked in lockstep, they said the same things, and whenever anyone would question it, that person was immediately shut down. It was a huge red flag for me. I've read numerous articles about the same info you've provided here. It's quite scary to think what has happened to the scientific community in 2 yrs..alot of people have lost all trust in those that were once revered..

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(Was linked today to you by Vaccine Choice Canada. Haven't seen your Stack before.)

In February, 2020, Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman were among a handful of sci/med professionals who immediately grabbed me and never let go. Their explanations made sense; plus the fact that the junkie tent-city a block from me was thriving and not dropping dead while public-health MDs screamed, "KILLER PANDEMIC!!!"

To wit, you might like letter Y (yeast) of my Illustrated Wine A-Z. Pasteur and Béchamp make an appearance.

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Excellent explanation and breakdown of the science and why it is fallacious. I think this is important for anyone who needs to understand WHY it doesn’t make sense instead of just being told it’s pseudoscience.

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You truly are still in the storm. Thank you. It is so difficult to read through the masses of articles and opinions. People re writing in a frenzy now, desperate to say SOMETHING every day, referencing dubious reports and magnifying errors by repeating them. It's a veritable mindfield (not a typo). Then there is the ego thing - courting the masses of followers. I got out of social media partly because of being sucked into this aspect of things - though the main reason was the tracking and manipulation.

I am really loving your writing style, so calm and measured, and really looking at and through all the buzz. Thank you.

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Excellent summary of the misconceptions about "viruses" and the fraudulent field of "virology". Thanks

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Jun 28, 2022Liked by Mike Donio, MS

Really great article and very well written.

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It seems to me that the premise that there is no illness trigger if there is no illness discredits the persistent and ongoing work of the immune system. Our bodies contain a BUNCH of bacteria (some good and some bad) that are held in check by a healthy body. To say that viruses don't exist because they don't cause a problem in all systems seems illogical based on what we know of other illness triggers....

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Your premise is sound regarding debate. However, do you cover what causes Covid if not a virus?

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I came here via an interview you did with Jerm Warfare. In it there, you speak about how the jabs are deadly & harmful to everyone, but you & Jeremy speak as if everything's all okay because you personally refuse to take them, & here, you're saying a rational debate about the facts of jabs that have been MANDATED FOR TWO YEARS can still be had.

Would it offend you greatly if I questioned your ability to see reality of even tie your own shoes based upon these two POVs you've taken?

1) Harmful jabs can kill people I care about no matter HOW strongly You Personally reject them.

2) Do you not understand what the word "mandated" means? It means you don't GET to choose to take them, depending on the circumstances. &

3) Neither you nor the rest of us get to decide what those circumstances are.

So: how does your refusal to take them become part of the solution? Why even mention it? Was there some great outcry hoping You (& 'Jerm') wouldn't get the jab, but only you two?

4) Debate what with who? The public? Let's say the public agrees with you that the jabs are harmful. THEN what? You do cartwheels down the street & get to brag on social media?

If you mean debate with those mandating them, just like the circumstances for which they're mandated under, YOU don't GET to do that. & BESIDES, WHO among these people here http://allaregreen.us/ are you going to rationally debate?

You can't TAKE that $ THEN "debate" the issue, because you can't then not forward the agenda into policy AFTER taking it. So let's say they "debate" you.

Are they then going to throw the MILLIONS OF $ they took from Big |pharma to mandate their jabs back in the faces of those corporations?

It's So Nice that You Think there is rational debate about any aspect of this when there is no one to rationally debate with. We're fifty thousand steps past where debate can yield to changes in the harms being done.

Can you get yourself mentally to a place where you SEE that?

This is like Reiner Fullermich: he's a lawyer who knows taking private $ while in public office as well as mandating untested products are 100% illegal.

Instead of charging those guilty of those crimes with them, he's spending all his time filing lawsuits that if the courts or politicians decide not to respond to, he can do nothing about. If those in decision-making power do not VOLUNTARILY play by The Laws, then you either force them to, or you don't. What kind of child is he for begging paid politicians to "pretty please behave better" when he could have gotten the mandates ended legally & non-violently over a year ago?

If we refuse to enforce these laws, then we can only wait until they mandate the jabs into us. That's what "mandate"{ means, that someone is FORCING YOU to get them, not that You Have A Choice.

Seriously: wtf?

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Whether there are or are not actual viruses and whether or not the Covid pandemic was caused by an engineered virus are important questions for certain. And thanks for explaining the logic from a virologist's perspective.

This epidemic appears to have all the earmarks of a socially engineered event done to subdue and control the population. At the very least the "vaccines" seem to be a bioengineered bioweapon. We need to understand definitively what is in them and the damage they have caused.

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The thing about Dr Ardis is he presents the research. There are 100s of studies surrounding venom being used in vaccines, future medications, including mRNA "vaccines" and some of the scientists are the ones credited with the COVID vax, like Katalin Kareko! He's just the messenger so to speak..

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The misinformation is really getting to be too much.

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What if George Bush arranged Tony Fauci's marriage?? Christine Grady is the daughter of George Bushes DKE brother and 1948 classmate John H. Grady. George Bush knew Fauci's wife for 30 years before Fauci married her. Bush also used Rob Grady as his speech writer and OMB staffer. Rob is Christine's baby brother. Yep, Rockefeller and Kissinger wrote NSSM200 in 1974 a DEPOPULATION study and it was given to BUSH as CIA Director to run operations for it and he did. SWINE FLU1976 and then HIV/AIDS and BUSH picked FAUCI as his front man and had Fauci marry Christine GRADY because the BUSH & GRADY families go back 5 generation with the Rockefeller Harriman Walker families........ THIS IS WHERE YOUR RESEARCH SHOULD BE....

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I do not understand how a person that knows the scientific method, critical thinking, and analysing information could come to the conclusion that superstition is real while at the same time debating that viruses are not real.

There is zero scientific proof that viruses exist & cause disease (admitted by New Zealand ESR; I am slowly building a new library into this line of evidence all thanks to the great work that Christine Massey has done).

Likewise, there is zero scientific proof for gods and specifically the Abrahamic Religions.

Do you believe in any of the Abrahamic Religions? If so, did you use your critical thinking skills and scientific analysis skills to try and debunk what you believe?

Or do you simply 'believe' because it is convenient to do so? Is that any different than people who just believe in viruses?

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