It's wonderful to see you again, Mike!! Your voice and your message are so important, especially at this time. I hope your Christmas was wonderful. God bless. xoxo

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Good to hear from you Mike. I appreciate your sincerity, good will and bravery. Your voice in the fray has brought me comfort.

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God Bless.

Good to hear your children are back to health.

I am starting with microscopy and I need help. I want to see things by myself.

Do you know about any simple introductory book on that? Microscopy for aficionados level.

The introducory textbooks on microbiology have information on microscopy and slide preparation, but I find it confusing. Not the kind of text for a person who starts on their own.

I have acquired a set of prepared slides. I didn't know it was legal to buy and sell very little pieces of human bodies online, LOL!

Plant sections are astonishing to look at. Bees' jaws are scary.

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thank you for the reminder of reproducibility and tiny changes in experiments. the latest nonsense about clonal selection and immunity is getting so often repeated we can see it becoming the 'truth' in real time.

I saw these images of gels of PCR products in Baric's paper- only the mock no virus seem to have more viral replication than the viruses! https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/peer-review-is-a-joke-and-not-just


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